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Two moms; a Certified Menopause Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist, and a Nurse Practitioner & Hormone Therapy Specialist, team up to give you the answers and healthcare you're looking for.  All under one roof! 

amy and brenda follaine health

After 40, your 
body changes. Your
care should, too.

Our Story

Follaine Health (Gaelic for Wellness) was born out of a desire to help real women with real health issues.  Based on our own experiences, needs, and expectations, we knew it was time to combine our expertise and create a platform where real women can find practical solutions to their health issues.  

The lightbulb moment came to us when we realized there are so many women, just like us, who are going through menopause and no longer feel like themselves but don’t know where to go for answers and support. Over 48 million women a year go through menopause and fewer than 10% of them get relief from their symptoms.   

If you are one of those women, we built this community for YOU.  As health care professionals, we are here to educate on what menopause is and what it is not.  To link arms with you on this journey because you deserve to feel awesome.  And we are here to help!


Amy Anci, BS, MA

Hi! I’m Amy! I am an exercise physiologist, educator, and wellness coach with over three decades of experience bringing health, fitness, and wellness to my family and community. I teach you simple health habits that will dramatically improve your life and help you reach your goals.

Health and wellness is for everyone.  I am here to share everything I have learned, and continue to learn, to help you live your healthiest life.


Growing up on the south shore of Long Island, I was an active child and played sports every chance I could get.  As a teen, my athleticism caused amenorrhea, which delayed my menstrual cycle until I was nearly 18 years old.  In my twenties my cycle was never "normal" to the point I was worried I might not be able to get pregnant.  The lack of information on pregnancy and exercise, led me to earn a certification in Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise from Elizabeth Noble, who founded the Women's Health Section for the American Physical Therapy Association.  Enter into my 30s, and two children later, I had the crash course of learning about my own body and its response to exercise and pregnancy.  A few years after my son was born I was tired all the time and experiencing anxiety.  My doctor offered me cyclical Zoloft and the pill.  "NO WAY," was my response.  I went in search of a doctor who would listen to me and not try to put a bandaid on my ailments.  Two years and many doctors later, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a Vitamin D deficiency.  My interest in functional health and wellness was not just professional anymore, this was personal. 

As I have entered into my 50s and menopause, I have transitioned into learning more about hormonal health and why exercise and nutrition is still one of the most important factors of weight management, overall wellness, and aging well. 

We're on this journey together and I'm here to guide you as well as experience it with you.  It is integral that we listen to our bodies and become an advocate for our own health.  Our health programs are created for women by women.     

Amy Anci is a leading expert in the field of exercise and wellness.   Her  commitment to Women’s health spans over twenty five years from girls health and fitness, to prenatal exercise, and peri-menopause and menopausal health. The mom of two competitive athletes, Amy is passionate about sports conditioning, nutrition, and injury prevention.  A graduate of Northeastern University in Exercise Science and a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Education, Amy has a solid foundation in not only how the body works but also the pedagogy of teaching exercise.  Amy is a candidate for the Wellcoaches National Coach certification.  Amy is a certified perimenopause and menopause health coach through the Integrative Women's Heath Institute.  Amy's thirty plus years of working in the field of physical therapy, personal training, pilates, coaching, and teaching physical education, has helped pave the way for her to create an amazing wellness community.  Amy is devoted to coaching and will help you to achieve the confidence and competence needed to attain your health goals.


Brenda Green, FNP-BC

With over 20 years of experience working and teaching in nursing and healthcare, Brenda has now started to focus on treating hormone imbalance.

“That is where I started to become interested in HRT. I was amazed how little women knew about osteoporosis and the role of estrogen and other hormones. “


With a Masters in Nursing Education from Mt. St. Vincent and Nurse Practitioner degree from Columbia, Brenda has spent over 20 years working in the medical industry. Her experience includes working as the Medical Director of Nursing at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC, Nursing Professor at Mt. St. Vincent and an Administrator at Burke Rehab where she specialized in TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) 


Brenda’s experience and interest with HRT began when she was working with a leading expert for the management of osteoporosis at HSS-Hospital. During this time, Brenda had her three children… actually four including her husband. With her children now leaving home, she is dedicated to helping to educate and treat women with HRT and BHRT to increase their quality of life.

Folláine Health provides individuals with the education, treatment and resources to manage hormone imbalances and provide a better quality of life.




What We Do

Follaine Health helps clients reach optimal health, improve immunity, and support overall performance through weight management therapy, nutritional counseling and exercise, and hormonal optimization to promote hormonal balance and keep our clients feeling their absolute best.

Our Approach

We take an individualized approach to HRT at Follaine Health. This means that we customize every treatment plan to fit each client based on their individual goals while providing educational resources to help them better manage imbalances and improve their quality of life.

Core Values

At Follaine Health, we believe that every woman should have complete control over her health which is why transparency is key. We value ethics, honesty, and choice. Allow us to help usher you into a greater state of wellbeing through our wellness program.  

Contact Us

Interested in working with Amy or Brenda, having them on your podcast, or promoting your product? Send us an email below, and a member of our team will get back to you if the opportunity is a good fit.

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